The True Meaning of Christmas

When you look outside the window in North America, Christmas looks like snowmen in old scarves and flamboyant hats. It looks like reindeers with red noses on white snow, waiting on Santa Claus to pop through the chimney – odd how he always misses his turn to Africa. It looks like decorations and presents under extravagant trees. In Africa, Christmas does not really have a specific look, most homes are rarely ever decorated, it is more of a feeling than anything else; and while both are different

Let’s all be outraged! #MenAreTrash

Ah November! Or Movember or NoShave November as it is commonly referred to, a time when men grow their beards out to raise awareness on men’s health issues. It is also that time of the year when we attempt to celebrate the men in our lives, in their jar opening, light bulb changing, back zip opening and tyre changing acts of heroism! A time to appreciate the few good men left, if at all. But in true male fashion, Harvey Weinstein happened, in all his vile perversion. Eclipsing all our celebratio


It is so difficult to get men to talk about marriage, even when you are not trying to find out where he stands in regards to you; but it had to be done! So I tasked myself with this mammoth uphill battle and interviewed married, dating and single guys to find out if they had ever been pressured into marriage. I had to get some info for my sisters (you know I got you like that) and further questioned the men, those that are married, how they had come to be married and how they knew that she was t

Modern Day Influencers - The Power Of Social Media

Social media is to the twenty-first century what dragons are to Daenerys, we cannot win a war without them… err… rather more contextually, we cannot function without it.  We rely on it for pretty much every single need we conjure, from searching for jobs, locations, to keeping tabs on that girl whose life we surreptitiously  long for, to business, advertising, communication and even social change.  It’s true, power and influence lies neither in its advanced algorithms nor clarity of its use but

Relationships and Social Media

My boyfriend and I had a fight the other day. I said to him, why did you remove your last seen? It wasn’t just that I needed to know his every move or that I wondered if he had been chatting with me before he went offline or just the mere pleasure of that glowing “online” status which gave me firm gratification of his presence and availability…it wasn’t just that, it was all of it! We do not live in a boy meets girl world anymore, we live in a boy slides into a girl’s DM world! Twenty-first cent

Celebrating Women Slaying Their Careers

Since time immemorial from when women were not allowed to vote to modern day slut shaming, a woman’s life has not been hers to own. She belongs to the man, the family and society. Well at least that’s what she has been socialised to believe. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche, a successful and accomplished author from Nigeria, in her book “We should all be Feminists” says “We teach girls to shrink themselves, to make themselves smaller”. It has been enshrined into her that she must not give herself permiss